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Static Movement 



The heart and soul of the work I do are helping my clients to be present with their growing point and get to completion through balancing thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. I am the developer of The SMART Therapy. The SMART treatment program integrates Evidence-based Cognitive Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Static Movement Mind-Body sensory-grounded treatment. 

Dependencies, depressions, breakups, breakdowns, estranged family members, communication difficulties, sexuality, and an affair… all of these have serious consequences in our lives. And one of the most serious factors is that unfinished business kills some of our aliveness in future relationships.

It is often possible to not only resolve such life-issues but to transform debilitating, dysfunctional relationships into intimate, authentic loving relationships that bring more joy and satisfaction to both parties.



Holistic Therapist

The Static Movement Therapy is a holistic therapy. We balance brain as a part of the body in  thoughts, emotions, sensations from your body and relationships. I help to create the new pathway for body-mind connections. This is also a non-pathological model. Integration of modern Western therapy, evidence-based emotionally focused therapy and sensory-grounded treatment based on Eastern wisdoms. I am an LGBTQ, kink-friendly therapist with a  non-judgemental approach for sexuality and confidential issues.


Multi-Cultural Therapy

I use multi-cultural perspective as a part of therapy. My therapy is truly inclusive and non-judgemental. Adopting cultural awareness for a relationship and trauma treatment.


Trauma-Informed Therapy

I care about trauma and traumatic event in our past. The newest science and research offer effective treatment for trauma healings. I offer up-to-date systemic trauma treatment for individuals and couples. 











In Dr. van der Kolk's most recent 2014 book, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Treatment of Trauma, he transforms our understanding of traumatic stress, revealing how it literally rearranges the brain’s wiring—specifically areas dedicated to pleasure, engagement, control, and trust. He shows how these areas can be reactivated through innovative treatments including neurofeedback, mindfulness techniques, play, yoga, and other therapies. Based on Dr. van der Kolk’s own research and that of other leading specialists, The Body Keeps the Score offers proven alternatives to drugs and talk therapy—and a way to reclaim lives.



Couple and Family Therapy.


Our Holistic Couple and Family Therapy is designed to facilitate reunification process for families and couples. It is therapeutic restoration of wounded part in our thoughts, emotions, and sensations using SMART Therapy. Our model offers systemic and relational therapy as a therapeutic partner for your symptoms from Developmental Trauma, P.T.S.D., Substance, Mood, and Eating issues well as couples and families with child.


We accept those who required therapies from a court system or your Supervisors with non-punitive / non-judgmental approach.


The core structure of the SMART therapy aims to induce neuromuscular adaptation in human. The SMART model integrates following therapeutic treatment.

Evidence-based Family Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally-focused Therapy, Mindfulness-based Therapy Somatic Movement Therapy and Process-oriented Psychology.


The SMART program is developed by Dai Kato, a clinician in Colorado. SMART is used in a variety of psychological treatments including treatment for not only mental and substance disorders but also neurologic issues, performance, relationships, and Technology, Gambling and Sexual Dependency.

In the New York Times Best-Selling Science book, "The Body Keeps the Score", the author Dr. van der Kolk  said


"Until recently, this bidirectional communication between body and mind was largely ignored by Western science, even as it had been central to traditional healing practices in many other parts of the world, notably in India, China, and Japan. Today, it is transforming our understanding of trauma and recovery."


The theory of the SMART is based on the research that thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations are interacting. The SMART therapeutic perspective believes neurobiological linkage between behavior, thoughts, emotion, and sensation. SMART’s comprehensive perspective sees that the roots of a behavior start from the nervous system, which transmits neurons through synaptic space and send signals as a bodily sensation using neuromuscular (the meeting place of a nerve and a muscle fiber), which interprets into emotions, emotions generates thoughts and thoughts activate behaviors.

SMART is an etiological treatment on humans’ behavior from intervening nerve system and neuromuscular.

This is part of 

“Third Wave”

of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT).



 What is Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)?

I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist. AAMFT( American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) explains Marriage and Family Therapists  (MFTs) as 

  • MFTs are unique because they are trained in both psychotherapy and family systems, which allows them to focus on understanding client symptoms in the context of the relational interactions that influence behavior. The problem does not define the client but rather is a symptom of his or her system.

  • MFTs work with individuals, couples, and families. Whoever the client, MFTs view problems from a relationship perspective.

  • Family-based therapy is a powerful model for change. Research has shown that family-based interventions such as those utilized by MFTs are as effective as– and in many cases more effective than– alternative therapies, often at a lower cost.

  • MFTs work with a wide range of clinical issues, including depression, relationship problems, anxiety, affective (mood) disorders, substance abuse, and more. 

  • MFTs apply a holistic perspective to health care; they are concerned with the overall, long-term well-being of individuals and their families.

  • MFTs practice short-term therapy; 12 sessions on average. Over 65% of cases are completed within 20 sessions and over 87% of 50 sessions.


The SMART Therapy models

Individual therapy The SMART Therapy offers integrated West-East therapy sessions. If you currently experience one of these, call me or email me to schedule an appointment or ask questions.


Couple therapy sessions are a positive gift to your relationship especially when you start feeling a stress or "don't know what to do.. and it is hard. " The relationship is always the teacher for our personal growth as a couple. 


Child, and Adolescent Therapy 

Sudeen change or extreme situation is happening in your children, parents, and your partner' family, The SMART therapy helps you to go through with holistic and non-judgemental therapy.  The multi-generational session invites your children, parents and another family member to safely unfold the situation. Currently, I see my clients age between 7 years old and up.


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